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Asterix at the Olympic Games (IDWS)


The real gods of sport

With Asterix at the Olympic Games you'll be taking the most famous of Gauls on a hectic adventure to win the Olympic Games the Gaulish way. Our heroes are trying to help young Lovestorix win the games to get a kiss from the princess, but when Brutus is in the running and there's portals to the live action dimension opening up it's chaos all around the Asterix way.
In Asterix at the Olympic Games, our two heroes Asterix and Obelix are on the road to Greece to accompany their friend Lovestorix, who dreams of victory in the Games and marry Princess Irina, whose hand is promised the winner of the olympics. In the Olympic arena, our heroes will face many enemies as well as strange characters like Sam Schieffer (with his familiar glowing goggles), Formadivix or the traitorous Brutus, who'll try to make you fall at every hurdle.

Asterix at the Olympic Games is the game that will make you work your muscles (especially in your fingers) and your neurons. Mixing adventure, puzzle and sports, all with a healthy dose of that comic humour!

On the menu: Romans (lots of 'em, pesky), puzzles to solve and, outside of the adventure there's plenty of mini games based on dozens of Olympic sporting events. There's hammer throw, chariot races, the long jump as well as crazier challenges like toadball all of which let you bash the Romans even more.
Asterix at the Olympic Games will delight young and old and not only fans of the pint sized hero. It's time to guzzle down that magic potion and download it, by Toutatis!

System requirements:
· OS: 2000/XP,Vista
· DirectX 9.0
· Processor Speed 1000 MHz
· RAM 256 MB
· Video Memory 64 MB
· 3D Graphics Card

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